A revolution without a cause is just a riot. ​

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Every revolution starts with an idea. A cause, a purpose. Great ideas can change the course of history. A brand without a cause is a brand without effect. Your revolution starts with a strong concept. We’re Bolt.


Concept is everything.

A person trying to put out a fire with a small bucket of water

Building a brand is like building a house. Draw a blueprint, cast a solid foundation and tell a compelling story. Without a strong concept your house will fall apart. It’s just a question of when. At Bolt, we believe in building brands from the ground up. We’re the engineers and architects of strong concepts. Don’t let the wrong people build your brand. Or your house.


Change the world or die trying.

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At Bolt, we try to make a positive difference for the world. We want you to be on the same page. Respect the environment and people around you. Be true to yourself and others. If a brand, product or service has a problem, we’ll speak up. It’s Bolt’s responsibility. We question things. We stir things up. Because we care. Be the best you can be or don’t bother. Douchebags fail, visionaries prevail.


For great ideas, we need you.

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Before we take on a new project, we listen. As carefully as we can. We want to get to know you and find out why you want to change the world. Of course, your ideas don’t have to make their mark in every corner of the world in the end, if you don’t want to. The most important thing is that they do something with you and for the people you want to feel something. At Bolt, there are creative employees with different references and input values. Therefore, chances are good that you will get the guidance you need to take your ideas to new levels. And if you run out of ideas, Bolt can help you get new ones.


When nothing makes sense, we turn to art.

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How will consumers evolve? What jobs will be around in 20 years? Will there be a new Google? Take a guess. Because you don’t know, nor do we. When we don’t know, we turn to art. It inspires us to be more relevant, hopeful and thoughtful. Art will always be a catalyst for creativity. Books, music, poems, paintings, comics, movies and so on allow us to see things in a different light.