During the suicide prevention week, Jönköping Municipality, 1177 Vårdguiden in Region Jönköping County, and RäddSam F released a joint campaign, #brytisen. The aim was to raise the issue of suicide and give people the courage to dare to talk about it. In order to reduce the number of suicides, especially in demanding times like these, it’s important that we dare to talk about this important issue and get help before it is too late. That we dare to break the ice. We naturally support this initiative. Suicide is a major social problem. Bolt helped with everything from films to billboards.

#BRYTISEN Eurosize


Today, suicide is the most common cause of death in Sweden among men aged 15-44 years. 70% of the total number of suicides are committed by men. For obvious reasons, the campaign revolved around men. To highlight this important issue in social media, we used famous men from the county of Jönköping. Together they reached out to suicidal men and urged them to seek help. Bolt has produced a series of films featuring Uno Svenningsson (musician), Dregen (musician), The Moniker (musician), Johan Davidsson (general manager HV71), Fredric Fendrich (captain J-södra), Jesper Persson (chairman Jönköping Qom Ut) and Torgny “Tojje” Wirén (priest). We used their celebrity status to increase public awareness, helping men in Jönköping county to break down the silence. Breaking the ice (breaking the stigma) is an extremely important form of suicide prevention.


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