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Cli Mate is an innovative company with a revolutionary AI service for homeowners. Their service makes buildings more energy efficient and sustainable. Cli Mate also improves indoor climate. Bolt has created Cli Mate’s marketing strategy and their brand platform. We’ve also provided useful insights in identifying a strategic roadmap. Throughout the process, Bolt has been a business enabler as well as a strategic advisor, pushing Cli Mate into unknown territory. A true and successful partnership from start to finish. The platform consists of a complete brand identity including, logo, visual identity, story and much more.
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Heat pumps for houses are slow. They react too late whenever the weather changes. When adjusting the indoor temperature, most heat pumps only take the average outside temperature into consideration. Sometimes you’re freezing your socks off. At other times, it feels like a sauna. It’s never perfect. You’re practically wasting money and energy. Cli Mate is always one step ahead of your heat pump, making better decisions every day. It’s an online subscription service based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The AI analyses temperature, weather forecasts, solar heating, rainfall, building types and much more to ensure higher quality of life, lower energy consumption and a smaller environmental impact.


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Illustration by Björn Öberg