Emigrera till
Småland i sommar

In the spring of 2020, Bolt was tasked with supporting the tourism industry in Småland through marketing. The purpose was to draw the Swedes’ attention to Jönköping and Kronoberg counties to help the tourism industry during the crisis connected to the covid-19 pandemic. The result was the campaign “Emigrera till Småland I sommar”.

Emigrera till Småland i sommar
Emigrera till Småland i sommar - meme
Emigrera till Småland i sommar - Inspiratörer

The summer marketing campaign increased guest bookings across an entire province by 14% during a pandemic.


Smålands Turism is acting as the region’s expert organization within the tourism industry. Together with Destination Småland, they run the brand Visit Småland, which works to boost the tourism industry and attract international tourists to the area.


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