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HANK® by D75 Illuminants

We decided to challenge our creativity by designing an unique piece of furniture. It’s not a hanger, nor a lamp, it’s a beacon of light. HANK® improves quality of life by being a welcoming source of light and a functional piece of furniture. You can use it to light up your hallway and dressing room or flaunt your personality by dressing HANK® up with things you find pretty. Place it anywhere, use it for anything and show off, but stay personal. Let there be fun, and there was HANK®.

Product detail

From Design Milk to LA

Shadows and the light itself are integral parts of the HANK® design. It’s designed and manufactured in Sweden with a high level of craftsmanship, at the same factory as many Swedish design classics. HANK® was an instant success. Some of the world’s most renowned design blogs such as Design Milk and Nordic Design have written about HANK®. Bolt designed it. Bolt made it fly. You can find HANK® in homes and stores in places like LA, NYC and London.


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