Jäj is a regional portal that highlights good examples of equality initiatives in Jönköping county. Companies and organizations can use the portal to learn more about intersectional equality, and why it’s crucial in modern society. To get certified you must publish an action plan or a policy for gender equality at the Jäj website. Women and men should have the same opportunities to gain influence and access to growth resources, regardless of class, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and functional abilities. Bolt has helped RJL to highlight this issue.

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Jäj is less about gender and more about people. Because women and men are never just women and men. An increased focus on gender equality can improve a variety of things, from increased well-being at work to less violence in society. Gender equality should always be an essential part of a CSR policy. The name originates from the expression “Yay”. It’s used as an exclamation of elation and victory. Needless to say, Bolt is certified by Jäj. We care about people’s rights and we understand the complexity of interpersonal communication. Yay!


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