Åtta myter om nya stambanor

How do you tackle a politicized and polarized topic in communication? What should be done to avoid misinterpretations and myth-making? In short, it’s best to stick to the truth and present the facts in a straight, honest, and educational way. That is exactly what Bolt has done for Region Jönköping County. The assignment was to highlight the advantages of new trunk lines in southern Sweden in an appealing way. Something that could become the country’s largest and most important infrastructure project in modern times. The result can be viewed in the animated film “Åtta myter om nya stambanor”.

Nya stambanor train
Nya stambanor hero


The first phase of the film production consisted of solid research. Bolt conducted numerous interviews with experts in the field, and read countless reports on high-speed lines and high-speed trains before we decided how to do it. Together with Region Jönköping County and Part One, we decided to focus on busting many of the myths surrounding this project. All said and done, Bolt produced the script and thus also the basis for the story. The film “Åtta myter om nya stambanor” can be viewed in its entirety, but each myth can also be broken out to serve as ads on YouTube or as stories on Instagram. Part One has served as a subcontractor to Bolt during this project.


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