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Wristband för the red ride

Pdb – The Red Ride

From an outside perspective, the IT sector is a generic gray mass. No one has the guts to stand out from the competition. Everything feels and sounds the same. This is a problem for many IT companies, especially for companies competing for new talent. Bolt helped Pdb to take a leap of faith. We created The Red Ride, a colorful employer branding concept that made Pdb a diamond among rocks. The concept describes Pdb as an ever-changing amusement park. It’s basically the ride of your professional life. Business and pleasure in one.

Stickers pack for pdb the red ride
Stickers pack for Pdb

Buckle up for the ride

Sometimes the entire IT sector feels like Office Space, the iconic and satirical 90s flick about everyday work at a software company. Boring and bureaucratic. The Red Ride is the opposite. It’s a jam-packed amusement park filled with thrilling rides and fun attractions. A concept that empowers people to excel and flourish at work. The Red Ride also gives workers positive energy and fun experiences. Bolt’s concept helped Pdb to stand out as an employer, bringing them one step closer to becoming an employer of choice. Pdb is now Orango. Orange is the new red.


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