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Moving Pdb forward
The IT consultancy Pdb, established in the early 1980s, came to Bolt with the realization that they need to communicate not only who they are, but also who they and their clients aspire to be. Their success lies in moving people and businesses forward so we created the communication concept “Moving forward”. It implies action, strength, innovation and, to employees to be, that Pdb is the place for personal growth and interesting professional challenges.

Animated gif logotype

A versatile concept

Bolt created the communication concept, a new graphical identity, revised all business communications and also created a solid employer branding platform based on “Moving forward”. The concept has been proven to be engaging and versatile enough to be applied to all parts of the organization. Internally, “Moving people forward”, is used to communicate their promise to their employees. In a subtle nod to the IT crowd, the new graphical identity makes use of binary ones and zeroes.