With design ideals born from the functionalism and industrialism of the 50s, the story of Samefa lands in an evolution. The timeless steel furniture remains classic icons that stand strong in their history but has gotten an identity that challenges preconceptions about the use of hat racks, coat hangers, and shoe racks.
Bolt has visualized a minimalist but versatile product range through 3D renderings and created a brand concept that holds both history and tomorrow.

SAM logo outline
Samefa render

The brand's visual expression is generated from the functionalist principles of the fifties, reinterpreted for today.

Samefa packaging
Samefa broschure
Samefa merch

Ingarp’s brand identity is a complete root system that creates new opportunities for future generations.


In the early 1990s, the classic Samefa brand disappeared and became EPC Byggprodukter. Now Samefa has been resurrected, ready to write new design history. Bolt has put its finger on what the brand stands for. The reborn Samefa is a brand with roots in the design language of functionalism and industrialism, but also a brand that challenges preconceptions about the use of hat racks, clothes hangers, and shoe racks. Bolt has helped Samefa talk about stylish and robust furniture. Timeless classics that create personal expressions and leave a lasting impression. In short, steel furniture for the things you like and want to show off.


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