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Sand GC is one of a kind. At least in Sweden. As the only links course in Småland the experience is almost unique, just 15 minutes from Jönköping.


This uniqueness is intertwined with Bolt’s efforts, a mission focused on visual brand transformation. The primary delivery came through a website, setting it apart from other golf clubs. The project has been rooted in respect for history and tradition, as well as a love for the sport.


“Bolt’s creative approach set the tone for our collaboration. We had an open dialogue throughout the process, resulting in Bolt elevating our brand, particularly through our new website.”

Alina Jernbom, Hotel and Sales Manager, Sand GC.

To be frank, most golf facilities appear indistinguishable, especially online. However, at Sand GC, we’ve opted for a different approach. We’ve let the stunning environmental images speak for themselves, allowing each offering to shine in its rightful place. It doesn’t take long for visitors to realize that Sand GC is more than just a golf course.


Sand Golf Club has existed since 2005 when a couple of enthusiastic entrepreneurs decided to transform an old potato field into one of the best golf courses in Sweden. Today, the club offers much more than golf.

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