Sanna is the brave construction company that challenges a monotonous industry by putting people at the center, from the first meeting to the last nail. Therefore, we have let humanism characterize the entire brand journey. The work resulted in a complete brand system that sets a consistent humanistic mark on the web, logo, photographs, typography and all other components that together make up the construction industry’s most progressive brand.

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“Bolt listen, challenge, and concretize. In our case, it has meant a major transformation of our entire brand. Bolt has led the project with a tender yet honest hand from start to finish. Above all, I am impressed by their ability to embed our values in both text, images and visual language.”

Christopher Lobsien, CEO, Sanna

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The humanist brand challenges the industry and supports the bold vision, to build environments where people can create lifelong memories.


Sanna has existed since 2011, but the knowledge has been around for decades.
The area of expertise contains expertise on everything from architecture to fine carpentry, with Sanna as the guide for the entire process. Sanna manages projects, builds and is involved all the way from the drawing board. If you desire.


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