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Taberg Eyewear

It’s time for sustainable eyewear.
Taberg, a small community in the south of Sweden is the home of Sweden’s most sustainable eyewear brand. The founders decided it was time to create a brand with a special kinship with nature based on one of the company’s’ core values – sustainability. Small scale, controlled production and distribution enables them to never compromise on form, function, quality or materials. In 2016, Bolt brought their brand values and heritage together into a unique identity.

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Boulders and furns

Today, the Taberg Eyewear brand is easily identified by the awesome “T” logo. It was inspired by the huge boulder of Taberg which is just outside their office windows. Using altitude lines such as those the boulder would generate on a map, a link is created between their name and their location. Surrounding plant and animal life was the main inspiration for the colour palette. But it’s actually more than just a palette, it’s a message for the future and a commitment to sustainability.


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