Tosito EAST

Tosito is a real estate developer based in Jönköping. One of their new buildings, East, is located in the eastern parts of town. Hence the name. The area is slightly underrated and partly underdeveloped, as well as unexplored in terms of contemporary architecture. Bolt convinced Tosito to be bold, by creating a powerful and vivid identity that feels like it’s part of the building’s original design. Architecture, like artwork, becomes compelling when it challenges people to approach things in life with a new consciousness. We made East the new black. Move East. Life is peaceful there. East is designed by Enter Arkitektur.
EAST palette greens
EAST palette ashes
styling for tosito east




UI design


Service design

Physical design

Art Direction

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Except from our own team, we teamed up with our friends Schauzmedia (photography) and Johanna Pilfalk (interior styling)