In the heart of the Småland forest is the Trakt Forest Hotel, a place where five forest suites between the trees are the hub. A place where the architecture blends into the forest, with minimal impact on the surrounding forest. The Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh has designed the forest suites, which he calls “floating rooms”. Together with Trakt, Bolt has developed an identity and web, inspired by nature’s way of expressing itself with as few means as possible, which matches the philosophy of the place.

Gert Wingårdh
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Trakt is a brand inspired by nature's way of expressing itself with as few means as possible.

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Trakt was featured in global magazines,
such as Wallpaper and Dezeen.

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Trakt is a haven, a rare hotel in the heart of the Småland forests, in the middle of the visible scars of the ice sheet and the ancient power of the trees. It is a tribute to Swedish simplicity and the simple existence, a barrier in floating space between the peace of the forest and the stress of the city.


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