Bolt™ is a communications agency in Jönköping. Since 1994, Bolt™ has worked with both global, well-known brands and local, newly hatched startups. We love strong concepts and are drawn to good ideas, and we don’t complicate things when we don’t need to. We believe successful collaborations are created through interaction and dialogue with our clients. Do you want to know more about us? Get in touch.



A visual identity is the aestethic representation of a brand; the face of the company.

A field where Bolt™ are experts (if we may say so ourselves). 

We always dig where we stand – all the brands that we produce are custom-made to fit the company perfectly. With logotype design, color guidelines, layout, and typography, we give you all the tools for your brand to stay consistent in every channel.


The trick with good copy is being a skilled chameleon. 

We lay the foundation by understanding our clients. Their drive, goals, and values. To hit the mark, we then add knowledge about which appeal is most effective for their particular target group. Finally, we add technical knowledge on how a text is designed to work best in different mediums.

Bolt’s copy work can be summed up in texts that connect seamlessly with your brand, reach through the noise, and transform communication into business benefit.


Video production

Bolt™ produces a wide specter of video content. From campaign films to business presentations and product videos. We are involved every step of the way, to make the planning and production go as smoothly as it can.

Through ideas, storyboarding, casting, recording on location, sound, and editing, we create stories that make an impression.


People, food, products, interiors – you name it.

Bolt™ produces all types of photography, in our photo studio and out in the field. We make sure that the feeling in the image matches 100% with the brand. We do large productions with razor-sharp results and messy photos with analog cameras and film. And everything in between.


Bolt™ creates all types of web pages. Business pages, e-commerce, campaign pages, and everything in between.
We are involved during the entire project – so that you get a durable website with a great design, that also creates business growth and increases traffic.

Ideas and creativity

approach art

Great ideas can change the course of history. A brand without a purpose is a brand without effect. Your journey begins with a strong concept.

We love shaping and refining visions into strong brands and identities. Through workshops and other creative meetings, we can help you rethink, think new (or old), and generate campaigns, concepts, or identities that cut through the noise.

They don’t have to reach all the ends of the earth – if you don’t want to. The most important thing is that they create feelings in those you want to create feelings in. Bolt™ has the ideas to get you there.

Digital marketing

Bolt™ works with social media and paid advertising in channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. From target group analysis to designing an advertising plan to choosing channels and presenting statistics. We also work with SEO optimization, which brings you higher up in the search engine hierarchy and it becomes easier for customers (existing and potential) to find you.